Introduction to Koolosophy

So, what the hell is this ‘Koolosophy’ shite? I pretty much shoved the words cool and philosophy together but with a ‘K’ to make it special… anyway, when we talk about cool we use it in a positive way to describe a sort of nonchalant greatness, or popularity in a social hierarchy. I’m using a much broader sense of the term – for the sake of this site, cool is whatever you want it to be. It’s whatever you perceive to be worthy of respect. How do you choose what’s cool to you? How does society choose what’s cool? These are the philosophical questions around the term, and I intend to answer them. Most of the popular things today are based around social media, but we have to go much further back in time if we want to make sense of any issues in today’s world – and I mean very far back, like try 20,000 years.

Life is actually very simple when we think about it from the perspective of a cave man. But why would you do that? Well, we are still cave people: Evolution is a fact, if you don’t like that then you won’t like the rest of this article. The rate of evolution does not tend to be very fast, and humans have not been around on earth for a very long time. Therefore, the homo sapiens today are biologically no different to the hunter gatherers in the ice age. The way we think, the way we learn, our survival instinct – it’s all exactly the same as it was when we had to hunt and use stone tools. It’s the same instinctive thought processes that make us anxious today when we have an upcoming test as if a bear attacked us. These exact instinctive thought processes have resulted in us creating the world around us that we have today. Societies, cities, philosophy – everything. This all comes down to one main human desire – to survive and leave a legacy. This is the driving force of our reptilian brain – our instinct – but it’s also why we have evolved to be the way we are. Our exceptional ability to learn and innovate is what’s helped us to survive and leave legacies, and therefore through natural selection man lives on and continues to learn and innovate.

The big truth about the world is that everything you have ever experienced or will experience comes down to trillions upon trillions of tiny electrical impulses in your brain. Every thought you have ever had. Every decision you have ever made. Every memory, every idea, every time you bat your eye, is because of an electrical impulse, or sequence of impulses in your brain. Our brains are where our entire universe is born, and where it all dies. Your reactions are hard-coded neuron pathways in your brain – your instinct. Those reactions are what built the world we see today: philosophy, religion, society. The inventions we created that changed the world such as cars or phones are all there because having these devices allow us to save energy. To survive we must gain more energy than we expend, so we are inherently lazy creatures.

Like other animals we need to learn about the world around us. The gift human’s have is that we can contemplate the future as no other animal can, and we can think about our thoughts. This leads to us having an overwhelming urge to learn about the world on a bigger picture. To explore and discover and ponder the ‘why?’ of everything – but we can’t. It’s too complex so in stead we made up deities and other worlds so that we could understand ours better. Religion is great for society, it promotes good values and morals and brings together the community, perhaps we should just stick with it; or perhaps we should move on from the one stubborn thought man has clung onto for thousands of years and be moral and good for the sake of morality and goodness. Perhaps we should support our society through compassion, not united in fear of a non-existent God.

Whatever the case, we’ll all soon be dead. When your heart gives out no more oxygen will be going to your brain and your conscience will cease. The neuron pathways that are your entire existence will break down and you will return to the dirt to fertilise the soil and life will go on. That is the fate of every single being who has ever lived and who will ever live, period. It might sound depressing, but when you accept it, it’s liberating. This is the basis of the philosophy of Existential Nihilism, and that is where my personal beliefs are aligned. What is Koolosophy? It’s me, ranting about stuff I’ve pondered and read. Have fun!

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