Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle is the way we choose to live. The things we do to relax, our hobbies, our relationships, our careers. Your lifestyle is the combination of all the individual parts and routines of your daily life. If you want to achieve any goals – short term or long term – then it’s important to live a lifestyle that gives you the capacity to do so. A lifestyle that manages your time, fits your budget, and compliments you as a person.

I can’t tell you the exact lifestyle you should lead, because lifestyle comes down to choosing values that suit you, and living by those values. If looking like the Incredible Hulk is more important to you than keeping stable relationships, then go take steroids. If lust is more important to you than commitment, then don’t commit. I’m here to talk about the lifestyle choices that I have based on my values of sound physical and mental health, stable relationships, a fulfilling and happy life, and leaving a fruitful legacy.

The values you choose do not make you morally righteous by having positive connotations. You must think honestly and independently to decide what your values are, because everybody’s are different, and it will determine how you live your life.

In this series I will help you to structure your daily life and build a lifestyle that fits your values by sharing the everyday routines and tasks that have allowed me to live up to mine.

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