How Many Hobbies Should I Have?

If you don’t have any hobbies at all, you will lead a boring and possible unfulfilling life. However, most of us wish that days were 100 hours long, so we could fit in everything that we enjoy. Unfortunately, they aren’t. if you have too many hobbies, you may feel overwhelmed. So, what’s the perfect number of hobbies to have?

Lifehacks on Reddit suggested that the perfect number of hobbies to have is 3 – one to make you money, one to keep you fit, and one to keep you creative. I liked this idea a great deal. First and foremost, it suggests that your work itself should be a hobby of yours; something which you enjoy doing and therefore feel the motivation to do well and succeed. It then says that you ought to keep yourself fit, in an enjoyable way. A healthy lifestyle applies to both physical fitness and mental fitness, and this is covered by the creative hobby.


  • What if the hobby that makes you money is a creative one? What if keeping yourself fit makes you money? Do these count as 2 hobbies, or one hobby?
  • Some people aren’t at all into creative pastimes – they may be logical thinkers rather than creative, or they may just not enjoy activities such as painting or playing music.
  • some people may stay at home and cater to their family while their partner is the main earner in their household. Such a person may look after their household and children, but does this qualify as a hobby?
  • There are a great deal of hobbies out there that people can’t do regularly. Things like skiing, scuba diving, or sailing, may only take place on holidays once or twice per year.



Another article I read from a blogger, said that you should choose any number of hobbies which suits you, in addition to your work. This depends on how much time and money you have to spend on them. He suggests that there’s no point doing a million hobbies for 10 minutes each month, or you won’t take the time to enjoy and improve on that. Figure out how much time you have, figure out how much money you have, and choose a suitable number of hobbies that you greatly enjoy and want to spend the time and money on.

I think it’s also important to remember that your hobbies can change whenever you want them to. You don’t have to keep the same things up every year for the rest of your life, go with the flow. As you evolve as a person, your interests will change, and you may lead a different path. If you’re never trying new things then you won’t every know how much you could potentially enjoy something.


The solution I believe is to manage your time and budget such that you can spend a suitable amount of time and quality of time on each pastime of your life. Bear in mind that you still need to work, you still need to socialise, and you still need to relax out with these pastimes. You don’t need to consider activities you partake in only on holidays such as snowboarding or surfing, since they aren’t persistent in your routine.

In summary, identifying specific hobbies and limiting the number you partake in can be a great tool for managing your time and money better, and developing those hobbies. However, I don’t believe that there is a Goldilocks number of hobbies which suits everyone the best, since there is so much variety in what they could entail, and the so much variety in each individual’s schedule and budget.

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