Meditation 1 – Radical Skepticism and Absurd Idealism

Who is God? An omnipotent entity that lives in another dimension and controls everything which happens in ours? A supreme creator with moral authority who exists in an intangible state? Or perhaps its all just a metaphor to describe and understand every perceivable component of our world and used to bestow a moral compass on man. The truth is that there is only one fact we can confidently confirm – we have absolutely no idea about any of this.

How can we, who know so little about our own universe, our own planet, our own brains; presume to understand anything about the origin of our creation, or the presence of a greater power? We are nothing but bodies of sheer ignorance. One man believes he has all the answers; and another believes he is wrong, but there is no evidence to back up either statement. There is no validity in anything either side has to say. All that happens is an exchange of meaningless words, and in the end, nobody is any closer to establishing the truth. The opinions and beliefs of any individual or group of individuals, are not only invalid, but utterly obsolete.

The absurdity of such a futile debate is outrageous. The only conclusions which can be drawn from such a thing are those of the ignorance of the people sitting around the table. The greatest minds on the planet have no idea what the answer to any of this is; and yet sweaty old men and women stand alongside their youthful counterparts arguing their side of an empty dispute. The ones who think they know everything tend to be dumbest ones in the room, because they don’t realise that they know nothing, just like everybody else.

If we exist in an infinite reality, and we only perceive what’s around us with a mere 5 senses – which aren’t very acutely tuned – then surely our knowledge is negligible. Furthermore, everything we perceive from this very limited foundation of senses is just added to our mental construction of the reality we live in, not the reality itself, and thus to an even greater degree, certainty of any human knowledge is an impossibility.

Since the beginning of human history, there have been thousands of religions, and millions of gods. Why then do the 1% of people who follow one particular faith believe that they have the right one above everyone else? Why is their story true, and all the others are wrong? Because it’s theirs. So many people have delusions of their own mental superiority – Ironically, this makes them even more naïve and ignorant. The faith, or lack thereof, of most of us is therefore both self-righteous and obtuse.

However, as a write this today, I am a witness to my own hypocrisy. Upon reflection I have come to realise that my opinions on the matter which I have stated are just like everyone else’s. As far as I can possibly know, I could be totally wrong about everything I’ve just said. “All I know is that I know nothing”. Ill accept my ignorance if you accept yours.

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