The Art of Vanity

“He’s such a poser”. “Why do people care how other people look? It’s so shallow”. These are comments that we regularly hear today. Comments about vanity with very little justification on either side of the opinion. Believed by many to be a demonistic quality, vanity is just about as far from that as you can [...]

The Significance of Fire

The anatomically modern human has been around for less than 50 thousand years. On the timescale of all life on our planet, that is an exceptionally small period of time. Some animals, such as the horseshoe crab, have barely evolved in the past 450 million years! That’s 9000 times longer than we’ve been here, so [...]

Psychological Epidemic

Some 60 years ago, a new drug appeared on the market which was used for several reasons, but majorly to alleviate morning sickness in pregnant women - great, problem solved! However, it resulted in a rather catastrophic unknown collateral damage where the babies born from these women were born with limb deformities. Thalidomide was, of [...]